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Coach on russian language

Запишитесь на бесплатный пробный урок!

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Russian as a foreign language is a special teaching technique primarily directed to prior acquaintance with Russian culture, history, traditions and customs. This acquaintance takes place from the perspective of language learning - through the language origins. You must admit that it is impossible to understand Russian language perfectly without cultural immersion.

Our language is the great mankind's cultural heritage of both literary and scientific terms. It is the language of classics and contemporaries such as: Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Saltykov-Shchedrin. The language of millions of people!

Who may need a coach on Russian language - Russian language tutor? For example, students who arrive in Moscow to get fundamental higher education. There are two main reasons which make quick adaptation to the realities of modern Moscow very difficult for them - the ignorance of the foundations of our culture and general lack of understanding of spoken Russian. Our language courses come pat to the foreign businessmen who come to Russia to open a representative office.

You must admit that there is a great deal of ambiguous words, phrases and expressions. For example in Russian spelling "рука" - is not only a hand as a body part but also a touch of a master; Cream as a confectionery product and cream as a beauty product have the same spelling in Russian - "крем". Russian language has direct and figurative, monosemantic and polysemantic meanings of the words. Russian language must be understood by the soul rather than by the mind.

"Divelang" language school works only with experienced teachers. Their primary goal is not only on giving the foreign students of a course "coach on Russian language" lessons in grammar, phonetics and morphology but on inspiring the interest in our culture above all.

Do you need Russian language courses for foreigners? You aren't sure about your preferences between private tutor or language courses, are you? Divelang language school carries out admission to the groups of learning Russian language. Who we will be useful to? First of all to those who needs Russian language for business and work. The applicants of Moscow universities and foreign first-year students who has been faced the serious problems of language barrier during the education process are often attend our coach on Russian language courses.

Divelang language school brings to your attention different forms of learning Russian:

- at Divelang school, 8-12 participant per group.

Such form of learning has both the pros - continuous communication both with the teacher - the native speaker of Russian, and with listeners of a course, and the cons - it is necessary to spend time and money to get to school.

- individual lessons in your office or at home.

The teacher will draw up a learning program especially for you. The program will consider everything: starting with your initial knowledge base and finishing with your psychological type and percipiency. Thus illustrations will be more suitable for visual learners whereas the auditory learners prefer aural perception;

- distance learning via Skype is possible. Thus, you can save some time, as well as plan your own course schedule. And the teacher will adjust to your schedule.

Are you an international student who came to Moscow to enroll in one of the city's Universities? But you do not know the language of Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Bulgakov.

So, what is your next move?

The solution is found - Divelang language school opens the doors to the world of Russian grammar, phonetics and punctuation. Start your Russian for beginners course together with us. To start your Russian language learning you need to enroll for the first free lesson, whereby you pass Russian language aptitude test. According to the results of the test the teacher will draw up your individual language learning program or assign you to the most appropriate group.

Russian for beginners is perfect for foreign businessmen, managers and other persons who arrived in Moscow on a working (business) visit. Our teachers will help you to learn Russian grammar and orthography starting with the alphabet and the phonetic structure of words. To be sure, we will do our best to make you understand, accept and love Russian culture, traditions and develop tremendous respect and warmth for our country.

Sign up for free test right now. According to the results of the test we will assign you to a group or offer you an individual coach on Russian language program. Language course enrolment is possible by the phone number on our website or at Divelang language school office.